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It is concentrated on specific areas of accumulated muscle tension in the body. This technique releases muscle tension and muscle spasms, removes muscle knots, restores body balance, reduces high blood pressure and increases the oxygen supply to the muscles. It also increases adrenaline secretion. This massage reduces cholesterol and strengthens your immune system. You can get many benefits from this massage. This technique activates the circulatory system and also helps eliminate the dead cell in your skin.

It contributes to relax your body before sexual intercourse, stimulating men and awaking women sensuality and desire. The objective of this massage is not to reach orgasm but provide relax and pleasure. Men can introduce his little finger in the woman anus so the woman can reach the orgasm. You can also go on with the massage.

Prostate massage is a term to describe the massage which stimulates the prostate gland either with medical or sexual purposes. The first purpose is used to find out prostatitis symptoms. The prostate is a male gland which is fundamental to feel the orgasm. Since part of the fluid is a prostate secretion, Prostate Massage contributes to secrete the necessary fluids with no need of orgasm or eyaculation.

This massage goes all over your body with relaxing and pleasing movements. This is done with special antioxidant chocolate body cream, which also renovates your cells, gets you excited and may help you to reduce weight.

This massage starts with soft, delicate and sliding touching and frictions. This is the anti stress massage “par excellence”. It is soft, sensitive and makes you get psychical, spiritual and emotional well-being. This is why it is also a complement in many therapies. It is a combination of different techniques: long, slow, sliding movements, passive manipulations, creative pressing, stretching and a very specific holistic treatment to fight stress in anxious, tense people, and in those with lack of concentration

If well performed, it has many advantages like stretching and muscle relax among them. Every muscle recovers elasticity and shape giving, that way, better results and better recovering after physical activity. It helps prevent muscle injuries. It improves the already existing injuries. The level of energy gets higher on your body, and your muscles will have better resistance and strength. The circulatory level on your muscles it is stimulated. It relaxes mind and body and helps reduce your muscles pain and spams generated by your physical activity.
massage LingaM

The goal of this massage is to relax man body and it is connected to his most sensitive part of the body, which is the penis. The main objective is to explore a new form of independent pleasure. If you want we can go on with an anal massage to stimulate your prostate postponing as much as possible the moment of the orgasm.

This type of massage prepares you to pleasure and excitement. Relax your muscles, get yourself rid of tensions, calm your nerves, and makes your mind be more serene and forget your worries giving you pleasant sensations all over your body. The massagist hands will give not only physical pleasure but also warmth, caress, tenderness.

This is an erotic massage whose goal is to get you sexually excited in an intimate atmosphere and give you a way of meditation, spirituality, on your own body and on your couple’s body. Tantra spirituality implies your body giving you a wholeness, unity sensation and consciousness. The massage offers you the possibility of experiencing a sudden state of individual pleasure.
massage fetichista de pies

This massage is especially for feet. Its starts with a good body massage by the massagist hands and it is completed by frictions on your feet, toes and heel. This is done on a futon in which you must be conscious and present in mind. You must concentrate on your breath, only this way you will be able to relax and experience a profound pleasure. Enjoy the feeling, the touch of your feet, kiss them and hug them without fear, it is exciting and pleasant. Make you fantasy come true!!

It is a very erotic and funny massage on the futon. The aromatic, essential oils we use together with the experienced massagist will get you high to other sensual status and give you pleasure and well-being sensation. This massage, apart from working all your body, stimulates your intimate zone to give you more pleasure. The Tantric postures will get you high, and will open your senses due to exciting and energetic strategies. Your cooperation with the massagist will surround you on unforgettable feelings and sensations which you will never forget, something delicious to your senses.

This is without any doubt the most erotic massage of all. It discovers new forms of stimulating your body from new and different perspectives. Feel the pleasure in pure state with this massage on the futon and feeling a creamy and smooth body moisturizer carried out by a completely naked massagist. Excitement, and high pleasure without limits.

This massage is known as Thai or body to body massage, using essential oils this is comfortably done on a futon. The role of the massagist is very precise, she manipulates all your body including your intimate zone as a part of your whole body. She will reach every part of it in a sensual, active and erotic manner. She will work with her hands, arms, legs and elbows freeing your body of all tensions and pressure caused by the daily routine. The sensuality and eroticism are served at first sight with this type of massage

If you fancy something special, different, to get you out of the daily routine and experience hidden sensations inside of you, this sauna will be a very special moment in which you will be able to relax completely. It is a different massage, in our Finnish sauna with volcanic stones or bath foam including an erotic and sensual shower, with our naked massagist and with mutual consent, in which you chose the end of the meeting. Treated with a good glass of refreshing Cava, a Benjamin, It will become a double relax.

Mixture of a relaxing and a sensitive massage, skin to skin to offer you pleasure and relax according to your fantasies where the massagist carries out sensual movements and interact with the client. It is absolutely mutual in which you chose the end of the massage. We also treat you to a 15 minute sauna with the massagist, a double relax.

Now that summer is arriving, come and enjoy one of our most refreshing and sensual massages with lots of foam which the massagist will spread, with sensual movements as well as relaxing ones, all over your body with absolute care and delicacy,. The two of you soak in foam, the best way to get the ecstasy. Different ending, mutual, and to give you more relax we will treat you to a 15 minute Finnish sauna. Come and sink into this soapy massage in which you will discover something more than a simple massage, get out of your monotony.

This one is a four hand one. Done by massagists with Hawaiian style who will make you enjoy a very well synchronized and completely mutual massage and get you to the most sensitive and erotic feelings. You will feel relax and pleasure as the same time, and it will finish with a lesbian show between the two massagists with double relax. We will also treat you to a 15 minute sauna with the two massagists.

Two therapists will work with synchronized movements. If we had to define this type of massage in few words, we could say that it is everyman fantasy massage, which you can enjoy with two women at the same time. You will feel the four hands at the same time caressing you all over your body, beginning at your feet and going through your whole erotic and genital zone up to your head. Free yourself from your daily goals and pressure, try something different and treat yourself to this erotic massage.

Have your erotic massage with your couple and enjoy it. Elegance, relax, eroticism, sensuality, distinction, enjoyment, subtlety and good energy are the ingredients of this sensual massage in couple. These massages stimulate and reinforce couple relationship and strengthen their desire. We adapt to couples wishes. You put the limits, so your imagination can fly wherever you want. You will also learn how to use your intimacy and many erotic techniques which are used by our professionals, so you can reach the climax. You can enjoy this massage either at your hotel or in our center in Madrid. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable from the very beginning. To obtain this we will treat you to a glass of Cava and other drinks in other to get you ready and high to enjoy. You will be able to have a shower at the beginning as well as another one at the end. And if you still feel like going on enjoying our services, you may have a Finnish sauna and get a soapy massage with essential oils and perfume.