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Massages Kaunis

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For the price of each massage ask us (most basic massage price, relaxing massage from € 50)

Kaunis relaxing massage

Enjoy a professional and good relaxing massage from head to toe ending in a melee where your senses are elevated and your whole body relaxes .
Massage mix kaunis

The massage    Thai Mix is received on a futon.Sensitive massage with feathers begins. In this erotic massage the participation of the person is needed but always guided by the masseur who will stimulate the pleasure. This involvement fosters the outcome and intensity of the experience. It allows the person receiving the massage to enjoy an unforgettable memory, while feeling fully protagonist. Tantric postures and foot massage are done A mixture of all tantric techniques including perineal massages, with a very high level of eroticism and sensuality. With prostatic massage.
Intense kaunis massage

Enjoy a true Vip Palace tantric massage with oriental techniques. Do you want to escape from the routine? Do you want to enjoy a high intensity and fully liberating erotic experience? So this interactive massage Vip Palace erotic massage mixes all tantric techniques, with a very high level of eroticism and sensuality that will take your senses to the fullest. It is given on a futon, it begins with feathers relaxing and body-to-body massage with 5 tantric postures and free interaction with the masseuse plus sauna with the masseuse for greater relaxation. Let us make you achieve full pleasure and enjoyment.
Massage Extreme kaunis

This massage begins with an intense body-to-body , the masseuse will guide you to caress her and perform all tantric postures until reaching the climax. Then massage with essential oils and oriental techniques your whole body. And that you can enjoy a second erotic part thus reaching double relaxation. With this massage you reach the purest erotic extreme. Free interaction. Up to 6 melee are performed.
    Special massage Nuru Kaunis

The massage     Nuru Kaunis is only suitable for the most gourmets and people who want to live a unique and incomparable sensual and erotic experience. Take a shower with your masseuse, relax and get ready to enjoy massaging your whole body with the best Nuru massage in Madrid, especially with breasts and buttocks. Enjoy the authentic and hydrating Nuru gel with which the masseuse will travel, stimulate and caress your entire body. Enjoy this indescribable experience with this erotic gel massage. Eroticism raised to the maximum power. The massage using the Nuru gel helps to make the experience something unique. Feeling the touch of the masseur's skin with your own body is a truly joyous sensation. In addition, it is composed of natural elements (algae, aloe vera, chamomile ...) that help hydrate the skin.
Massage HAWAI

For all those who like to enjoy twice as much this is your Hawaiian massage with two masseurs in Hawaiian attire, fruit cream, body scrub before the massage, erotically shower with both , then you will enjoy a Synchronized head-to-toe massage, body-to-body massage and mutual massage , ends in a show between them as a finishing touch, where you will end up completely relaxed, double relaxation for you.
Four-hand massage

In this four-hand massage, two masseurs work simultaneously on each part of the body, maintaining a constant rhythm and balanced pressure, relaxing and melee massage with the two masseurs including a sauna or shower. This double massage provides a unique sensory experience that helps to forget tension and provides a total feeling of well-being. Indicated for those looking for a unique and extraordinary experience.
Massage VIP couples

Enjoy double our erotic massages by receiving them as a couple. Elegance, eroticism, relaxation, sensuality, distinction, fun, subtlety and good energy are the ingredients of your sensual massage session. Couples massages stimulate and reinforce couple relationships and increase desire. We adapt the massages to the needs of each client. You set the limits, loaded with eroticism and sensuality so that your imagination runs wild. You will learn to use erotic techniques in your intimacy that our masseurs use and you can reach the climax of pleasure. You can receive your tantric massage session in the privacy of a hotel or in our Madrid Relax Massage center. Our goal is that you feel very comfortable from the first moment. For this, we receive you with cava, drinks, so that there is no lack of detail. In addition, you can shower at the entrance and exit since all our rooms have showers. And if you want more relaxation you can go to the Sauna Filandesa to enjoy all three or both with more sensual massage with foam, essences and aromas.
Chocolate Fusion Massage

If you like sweet encounters, the Erotic Body Treatment with Chocolate is the ideal experience for you. Cocoa has multiple benefits for physical and mental health, as well as great moisturizing qualities among others. The combination of chocolate with our expert erotic hands will give you a cocktail of pleasure full of sensations that will run through your body, stimulating each and every one of your senses with each touch and movement. Our special technique Erotic Body Treatment with Chocolate, is composed of three complementary erotic experiences. - Interaction shower, where a complete body exfoliation will be performed through gentle and intense caresses, in order to stimulate the skin and remove excess dead skin, facilitating the penetration and absorption of the benefits of chocolate. - Once the skin is moistened, we will spread the cocoa throughout your body at a very pleasant temperature, through a sensual and relaxing massage. - To finish our masseuse, she will remove the chocolate and perform our interactive Body Body erotic ritual with her breasts, ending the experience in an elegant, erotic and captivating way. Treat yourself to an erotic treat with our Erotic Chocolate Body Treatment
Kaunis Fantasia Massage

Tell us about your fantasy massage and we will do it    reality


If what you want is to learn, we offer courses of all kinds of massages, personalized, for single person or couples, flexible hours.

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